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    Dental Sealants

    Fissure Sealants

    Fissure sealants are resin coatings painted on to the grooves of the back teeth. These sealants form a protective barrier that keeps food and bacteria from sticking in the tiny grooves in the teeth and causing decay.
    This treatment is usually done on the permanent molars of the children as early after eruption as possible.

    Procedure of Dental Sealant

    The procedure for applying dental sealant is usually quick and easy and takes a few minutes per tooth. The tooth is cleaned of any debris, prepared and dried. The sealant is then applied and allowed to set.

    Life of dental sealant treatment?

    Sealant usually last for upto three years, but needs to be checked 6 monthly for its intactness. It can wear overtime and may need replacement to be sure that decay does not develop underneath it.

    Sealants are recommended to prevent tooth decay. It is still important to maintain good care at home and have regular dental examinations. Limiting sugary foods and drinks is also important. With good home care, dental care, and sealants, your children can drastically decrease their risk of cavities.

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