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    Composite Fillings

    Tooth fillings in a kid is done when decay is small or it has not come into contact with the nerves of the tooth. Choice of filling material in children depends upon their cooperation level and age. Based on this there are two options

    Glass Ionomer fillings (Tooth-Colored)

    It is a good choice of filling for children under 5 years of age. This has excellent strength and also release fluoride that helps protect teeth from decay. It is done in uncooperative children as it requires less time to complete the procedure and control of saliva is not important as controlling saliva and maintaining dry tooth is difficult in uncooperative children. The life of this filling material is 6 months to 1 year of age and has to be repeated.

    Composite Resin Fillings (Tooth-Colored)

    It is a choice in children above 5 years of age or for children who are cooperative irrespective of age. Composite resin material is made up of ground white porcelain and durable resins. To place composite resin fillings, the decay is gently removed, the area is cleaned, and then the composite resin is placed in the cavity. A blue light is used to harden the filling immediately, leaving your child with a beautiful, natural looking smile. Procedure usually takes one visit but in some cases multiple visits may be required if multiple layers of fillings are required. Composite fillings may have a lifespan of upto 3 years.

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