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    It is a dreaded treatment for parents to think about but kids tooth extractions are very simple and largely painless. The procedure takes between 5-10 minutes. Some teeth are just too diseased to keep them and saving them to optimal health may not be an option. Sometimes extractions are also done as a part of interceptive orthodontics where child’s mouth may be overcrowded.

    Each extraction is preceded by thorough examination and x-ray and the treatment plan is discussed with parents including choice of numbing and post extraction treatment if required.

    If extraction is decided to be done than the area of interest is numbed and with jelly and injectable. After checking that numbness has settled the tooth is pulled out gently using specially designed equipment for children. It takes 5 minutes for the entire extraction.

    After the extraction the medicines will be prescribed and a printout of post extraction instructions will be given to the parents.

    If you think your child may need an extraction, call us on +91 9310207552.

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