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    Flouride Varnish

    What is fluoride varnish and what it is used for ?

    Fluoride varnish is a gel or paste that when applied on teeth provides protection against decay by reenforcing the dental enamel. Fluoride is present in drinking water and its deficiency or excess are both harmful for children’s dental health and bones. Research has shown that fluoride application in addition to brushing with fluoride toothpastes gives protection against decay.

    Procedure for applying fluoride varnish

    Fluoride varnish is applied atleast twice yearly starting from the age of two years. It can be applied upto four times in cases of excessive fluoride deficiency in children. Procedure can be done during routine dental appointment and takes only a few minutes and it is a painless procedure. The varnish has a fruity smell and a pleasant taste. It is applied with the help of special brush or kept around teeth in special trays for a couple of minutes and then it sets.

    Once applied it has to remain there for the rest of the day and also overnight and you have skip night brushing for the day of application. From next morning child has to brush twice daily with fluorinated toothpaste or as recommended by the dentist.

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